(scroll) comments from musicians and customers:

The Blues Foundation (Memphis, Tennessee)
Thank you for the beautiful book. We have added it to the collection in our library at The Blues Hall of Fame.

Billy Jones
many, many thanks to Beate Sandor for including me in the book "SHOWTIME"
and I encourage all of our friends to order this great new publication.

Dawn Tyler Watson
Check out this book y'all! The Kings & Queens of the Blues as seen though the eye of my friend Beate Sandor! Order yours now!

Linda Tillery
Congratulations Beate. Hope you sell millions of copies. It's a beautiful book.

Billy Iuso
Love that Photo of Juan and me!

Rita Chiarelli
so very proud of you Beate and to have been a small part of it / xxoo

Lynne Jordan
This is fantastic! Such a wonderful cover!My photo is included in: SHOWTIME
And a part of the proceeds from the sales go directly to artists in need! I have witnessed this!

Liz Mandeville
awesome photos!

Sharrie Williams
Hey guys help me congratulate my dear friend Beate Sandor on her newly published book,
God bless you and thanks for including me in your book, can't wait to get my copy!

Vusa Mkhaya Ndlovu
Congratulations. I am happy to be a part of it!

Hans Theessink
Thumbs up - Looking forward to see the book!

Bryan Lee
I would like to thank Beate Sandor for including me in her book "SHOWTIME" the art book. What an honor to be in such good company.
God bless you Beate and your good works.

Margie Perez
This is so cool! I'm among a stellar lineup of music makers photographed by Beate Sandor for her new book!
Check it out and get yourself a copy. Thanks Beate! Congrats!

Very cool!

Max Arrigo
Date un'occhiata al libro della mia amica da Vienna Beate Sandor un favoloso art book con le foto delle pił grandi star del blues! Showtime!

Paul DesLauriers
I'm honoured to be part of it Beate!!!

C. Bausman
Oh, Beate. My copy just arrived and I am in AWE! Such powerful photos of so many people I love! Your work just gives me the chills!
This book is an absolute treasure house! ..Yes, Beate, you have made a book to cherish!

Michael Peck
To let you know I did receive the book. Thank you so very much, I love it. A must have. SHOWTIME Kings and Queens A to Z.

Tia and the Patient Wolves
super heureuse et honorée d'avoir ma trombine dans le magnifique livre de Beate Sandor : Showtime. Elle a fait un sacré beau boulot avec
ses photos prises à travers le monde de musiciens que j'admire et certains endroits que j'adore! hé regardez qui est mon voisin dans le livre,
c'est pas génial?! :-) passez vos commandes ici

Stephen Klein (management)
I am sitting here with Big Sam (Williams) and your books arrived.  Thank you very much for sending and including us in this project. 
The book looks fantastic. 

Davina and The Vagabonds
Would like to congratulate Beate on publishing this book. It's a privilege to be part of this wonderful piece of history with so many great blues
musicians. Beate is full of love when it comes to music and art. So proud of her.

Roland Tchakounté
I have just received my copy of your beautiful book and I thank you sincerely.
It shows that you realized this project with a lot of heart.

Washboard Chaz
The book came and it is wonderful!! You really captured the artist at their craft. Thanks for having me be a part of it.

Anne Harris
Congratulations to you again Beate! You must be so excited to finally be at this point after all of your hard work. I hope it is a huge success for you.
Thank you again for including me.

Jeff DeLia (Bobby Rush's manager)
Hey, I got the book. Thank you so much. Beautiful pics!

Allen Winkler
Yes, the book has arrived, and I am immersed. And will be for hours. I've spent many hours with many of the artists you've captured......so beautifully.
And you've so successfully navigated the waters to not only capture such great images, and to then publish your beautiful works,
but to then also employ them for such noble causes. I am so impressed! I will likely spend the rest of the night enjoying your works.
Thank you so very much for sharing with me.